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Estate Planning is the process of analyzing your goals and putting together the correct documents to carry out your wishes, both during life and post death.  We perform a wide variety of estate planning and draft of documents.  The  following is a list of some of the issues that I look at with a client as part of the planning process:

1.   Avoiding Probate
2.   How to Divide Assets
3.   The Role of Trusts and Wills in an Estate Plan
4.   Guardianship Provisions for Minor Children
5.   Minimize or Eliminate Estate Taxes
6.   Use of Beneficiary Designations and Transfer/Pay on Death Forms
7.   Joint Ownership Issues
8.   How Titles Should Be Held to Real Estate, Financial Accounts, Vehicles, Aircraft, Etc.
9.   Planning for Mental Incompetency
10. Disabled Children or Children Receiving Public Benefits and Use of Trusts to Preserve Eligibility
11. Relationships with Children from Different Parents 
12.  Health Care Directives/LIving Wills/Advance Vision Directives


We try to perform most of our estate planning on a flat fee basis.  That way the client knows up front the cost and is not afraid to ask questions for fear of being billed by the word. I have found that clients often do not ask questions when they are being billed by the hour.   My main goal is to design an estate plan that correctly reflects your final wishes and it is important to me that the documents that we prepare for you set forth your intent.  Thus with a flat fee, we will discuss your goals and wishes and then craft the documents for you to match what you want.  We will edit them as many times as needed to get them to correctly reflect your unique estate plan.  As needed, we will also meet with you to sign, notarize and witness the documents.  All part of the flat fee.  This is one way that we stand out from the online document websites that don't give you any personal guidance in your estate plan nor help you sign and finalize the documents.

Please call or email for an up to date fee schedule for our flat fee estate planning services.

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