Attorney at Law

Real Estate

We provide a full range of legal services involving real estate and assist Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate Brokers/Agents with real estate transactions.

We provide assistance in or drafting of:
1. Earnest Money Agreements
2. Property Disclosure Forms
3. Land Sale Contracts,
4. Promissory Notes
5. Trust Deeds
6. Opening Escrow and Instructions
7. Reviewing Title Reports
8. Statutory Warranty, Special Warranty, Bargain and Sale and Quitclaim Deeds
9. Amortization Schedules for Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Payments

John Hasbrook P.C.
Attorney at Law
112 North Atwater Street
Monmouth, Or 97361
(503) 838-0251
FAX (503) 838-0149

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