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If you are doing business in Oregon, either as a Oregon entity or an entity formed in another state, you are required to have a registered agent.  A registered agent is an individual or a business entity located at a physical street address in Oregon, whose sole responsibility is to accept legal documents (service of process, lawsuits, liens, subpoenas, etc…) on behalf of the business.   An entity that requires a registered agent includes a S Corporation, C Corporation, Limited Liablity Company (LLC), Business Trust or other similiar entity.  

We provide registered agent services on an annual flat fee basis which is usually much less than the standard rate for business registration corporations.  In addition, we provide annual flat fee services for corporate minutes, year end meetings/ minutes and resolutions as part of our enhanced registered agent flat fee package.

For more information about registered agent requirements in Oregon, follow this link to the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division; Oregon SOS registered agent list.

Registered Agent Fees:

1.  Oregon Entity Registered Agent Only: $75.00 per year plus flling fees.
2.  Non-Oregon Entity Registered Agent Only: $95.00 per year plus filing fees.
3.  Oregon Entity Registered Agent Plus Year End Minute Preparation.  $185 per year for consent minutes for small corporation or llc. 
4.  Oregon Entity Registered Agent Plus Year End Minute Preparation with Live Meeting.  Billed Hourly.  Contact for more details.

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